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Greetings and Welcome to
The Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council

Our Council asks neighbors to nominate trees. 
This is one of the chosen tree/s of the year 2012. 
It's a Catalpas.

Here's our 2013 twin trees winner:     Marcia Smith's twin pondersosas as Twin Trees of the Year award winner.  Marcia will receive a Susie Forest tree which she will plant on one of her parking strips.

We are one of 27 neighborhoods in Spokane, Washington. The neighborhoods are divided into 3 districts. Our city council members are elected from each of those districts. We are in district 2. Our representatives to the city council are Mike Allen and Jon Snyder. You may contact them through

Meetings times for all the neighborhoods and overall information is at:

Our Neighborhood Executive Committee is composed of  five to seven members of the neighborhood. Currently (5/6/13), the committee consists of Judy Gardner, Sally Robinette, Patrica Hansen, Thomas May, Richard Rush and Steve Spickard.

We are grateful to Nancy MacKerrow, Laura Minks, Kaaren Bloom and Rosemarie Duffy for their ongoing support.

Please like our facebook page.

You are invited to a few of our next neighborhood meetings:
Here's a copy of your post card inviting you to a bunch of great events. The next one is October 1, 2013. With FREE Dump passes.  See below.

 1.  To source, secure, manage and disburse funds and/or property for projects, activities, or improvements which are outside of the Neighborhood Council Program but are for the benefit or of  the neighborhood.


 A.  Regular Neighborhood Council meetings shall be held at least three (3) times  five (5) times per year between September, and May, on a specified day, at 7:00 pm at a place designated no less than two weeks one week prior to the meeting.


 A.  All meetings will be publicized in the neighborhood using whatever reasonable means that are available, for example, but not limited to:  flyers, mailings, notifications in newspapers, radio, television, etc.    Notice shall be distributed not less than two weeks seven (7) days prior to the meeting date.


 B. Voting - Each person living in or owning property in the neighborhood gets a single vote.  Each business also gets a single vote with the representative of that business, who votes for that business, becoming a matter of record.  Each voting person must: have attended at least two (2) neighborhood meetings within the twelve (12) months preceding the meeting during which the a vote takes place before (s)he can vote. Each voting person must: 1) have attended two Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council (CCNC) meetings within the preceding twelve months, or 2) have attended a minimum of three meetings in the preceding two years, or 3) have attended a minimum of four meetings in the preceding three years, or 4) have attended a minimum of five meetings before (s)he can vote for the first time.

Earlier Events:
or Home

June 13, Thursday, 6-8PM, Cliff Park, 7th Annual Snack and Stroll
*Walking tour of historic homes on Sumner Ave.
*Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a snack to enjoy at sunset atop the Cliff Park Lookout.
*Please help us raise money for our next neighborhood funded tree planting. If you are able to donate, tuck some dollars into your pocket. See
FREE Dump Passes 6/13 2013

June 18, Tuesday - Stakeholders Planning Meeting (tentatively set for 6PM, Southside Senior Center)
This interactive meeting is a continuation of the planning meetings that took place last June at Sacajawea Middle School. You will see maps of the issues and opportunities on the South Hill, discuss the draft vision and goals, and evaluate examples from other places. This is your opportunity to provide early hands-on input to help shape our plan. Keep in the loop via our newsletter (send an email to

June 19, Wednesday - Summer Parkways, 6-9PM - Your big fun bike/hike adventure
This is a four-mile carless route closed off in the Comstock/Manito Neighborhood. Stop by the South Hill Coalition booth where Manito Blvd. runs into Manito Place. (Look for The Scoop ice cream truck)
Talk with Steering Committee members and vote with stickers for your favorite ideas.

Dear Neighbors,
FREE dump passes!!
Tuesday May 7th -- 7 PM to 8:30 at our meeting at the Woman's Club 9th and Walnut. Also elections.

Neighborhood Meeting Notice = Tues. 4/2/13 @ 7 PM - Woman's Club

Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council &
Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Committee

Tuesday, April 2, 7 PM
Woman's Club, 9th & Walnut

Tim Burns, the Police Ombudsman, will present the highlights of his 2012 annual report and answer questions. ( His site with recommendations: ) Steve's recommendation: More Peace Officers less Police men.

An update of the 14th Ave. parking removal issue will be presented. The neighborhood council bylaws will be discussed particularly easing voting requirements. Residents of Historic Cannon’s Addition will be given a survey regarding how Community Development Block Grant money is to be spent. Photos of possible landscape treatments of the Maple/Walnut curb bump outs will be available for public comment.


Cliff-Cannon Neighborhood Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 5, 7:00-8:30 pm - The Woman's Club, 1428 West 9th Avenue (NE corner, Walnut St & 9th Ave)
The meeting is in the basement - please use west side entrance:

MEETING TOPIC: 14th Avenue Reconstruction Project: Grand Ave to Lincoln St - Commencing in June Details available at the:  14th Avenue between Grand Boulevard and Lincoln Street will be reconstructed this summer. The section of 14th Avenue between Division St and Tacoma St will be a full-depth reconstruction, meaning the road will be dug up and removed and a new road base will be created. For the rest of 14th Avenue between Division St and Lincoln, a grind-and-overlay process will be used. This is a 2004 Street Bond project. Design Engineer Dan Buller will be present to share design maps and answer questions.

As a separate but coinciding project, the Traffic Engineering Department is proposing to remove all parking on 14th Avenue from both sides of the street. Traffic Engineer Bob Turner will be present to explain the rationale behind this change and take comments. The City would like your feedback onthis project and the proposed parking changes. If you have any special needs relating to access to your property during the project, it will be important to relay those to these City representatives. As the City's "pavement cut" policy does not permit digging into a newly paved street for a minimum of three years following repaving, any utility work such as replacing water and sewer lines should be completed prior to the 14th Avenue project.

Your neighborhood council invites you to meet and greet your neighbors from 6:45-7:00  pm, immediately preceding the meeting. Light refreshments will be served. Please send any questions you may have prior to the meeting to:

To join the neighborhood council email distribution list, email and type "join" in the subject line.
MEETING SPONSORED BY: . Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council . Lower South Hill - Neighborhood Watch -

Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee has a $$ decision to be made:

Following are the projects in Cannon’s Addition for which HUD is requiring remediation:
• Neighborhood Cleanup:  $900.44
Each of these accounts must be either spent or contracted under one of the following options.
These options do not include projects HUD has tagged for future review:
• Scenario 1 and 2 (Existing projects identified in previous Action Plans):  Street Trees,
Polly Judd Park.
• Scenario 3 (Upcoming 2013 Action Plan Items):  CDBG Sidewalk Program, Single
Family Rehabilitation, Polly Judd Park, S

Please join us for our combined Neighborhood Meeting -- Tuesday, Jan. 8, 7-8:30pm
• Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council --
• Lower South Hill Neighborhood Watch --
• Historic Cannon’s Addition Steering Committee

Woman’s Club, 9th & Walnut

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell State Sen. Andy Billig

and Rep. Timm Ormsby

What's important to you and to hear what they think the big issues will be in the upcoming legislative session.

Land Use Report • Neighborhood Crime Report --

Pot Luck!! December 4th - 7PM - Woman's Club

New info: We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM at the Woman's Club (1428 West 9th Avenue). We won't meet Dec. 6 due to Election Day. Dec. 4th will be a potluck. Jan. 1st is a holiday so we will meet Jan. 8. After that, Feb. - May, it will be the first Tuesday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012 -- 7pm
meet, greet and eat 6:45 at

Roosevelt Elementary School
14th & Bernard (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)

Buses are fun. Ask
Molly Myers
She's talk with you about Fun and STA

We will talk about
neighborhood crime prevention, and
the upcoming
Block Watch Street Party
on Saturday, Sept. 22

Hello Neighbors,
    Two events are coming up:
   1. Our Snack & Stroll June Meeting;
   2.  Critical Planning Meeting

Thursday • June 14, 2012 • 6 - 8pm    --- Cliff Park
(12th & Grove aka Bernard)
     The festivities will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the new landing, handrails and steps up to the top of the lookout at Cliff Park. Enjoy a Tree-Kibble cookie while you hang a tree gram on the newest Susie Forest tree donated to the park by the neighborhood council. Our final event will be a guided walk to view some historic homes nearby. We will end atop the lookout in time to enjoy the sunset and eat whatever snacks people bring for themselves.


2.   Take part in planning the future of the South Hill.

JUNE 6 & 7, from 6 – 8 pm

401 E. 33RD  AVENUE.


Thursday, May 10, 2012
7-8:30 pm
Roosevelt Elementary School - 14th & Bernard (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)

Taylor Bressler was such a hit at our last meeting, we’ve invited him back to talk about Spokane’s wonderful parks and to share some history and stories from his many years serving in the city’s Parks Department

Also Dump Passes $10 and $25 value --FREE

For now, please join our facebook page.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
7 - 8:30 pm
Roosevelt School (SE Corner of 14th & Bernard)

Taylor Bresslor, City Parks Department, will give a preview of
repair work scheduled for Cliff Park.

Office of Police Ombudsman will present a review of their work
and accomplishments during 2011.  Time will be allocated
for questions.

Neighborhood Business:
-- Traffic Calming Projects submitted
-- Executive Committee nominations
-- South Hill Coalition update
-- Spring Clean Up update

Special Meeting:  South Hill Coalition, April 18th, 7 pm,
Sacajawea Middle School

Thursday, March 8, 2012 7 - 8:30 pm

Roosevelt Elementary
(SE Corner 14th & Bernard)

Officer Tim Ottmar will speak on the Spokane Police Department's
Neighborhood Resource Officer program specific to our neighborhood.
He'll address the increase in property crimes on the South Hill, where they are
occurring and what we can do.

Edward Bryant, Certified Permaculture Designer, will discuss
sustainable ways of living, with a focus on urban and suburban environments.
He'll include energy, water capture, sustainable housing, food production,
greywater management, etc.

New South Hill Coalition
Have a traffic safety issue in your neighborhood?  Email Judy at
Mobile Sign placement and timing
Application for Neighborhood Traffic Calming project
Planning Resolution

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012 7 - 8:30 pm
WOMAN'S CLUB 1428 W. 9th Ave.
 The GFWC Woman's Club of Spokane

Video Showing: "The Power of Community"

Imagine Spokane's food supply cut off by a natural or man-made disaster! How would we feed ourselves?

This film tells the story of the Cuban people's triumph over just such a crisis when cut off from Soviet oil in the 1990s. It provides an example we can learn from as we think about local gardening and agriculture.

STA Bus Shelter (14th and Monroe)

Before the meeting:
Meet, Greet & Share a Treat
with your neighbors from 6:45 - 7pm

For now, please join our facebook page.



5 South Hill Neighborhood Councils; Cliff/Cannon,
Comstock, Manito/Cannon Hill, Southgate and Rockwood
bring you

Woman's Club
 (NE corner 9th and Walnut St.)
Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011
6:15 pm (doors open)
6:30 - 8:40 pm (meeting will start promptly)

District 81 School Board
Sally Fullmer -- Deana Brower --

Spokane Mayor
Mary Verner -- David Condon --

Spokane City Council President
Dennis Hession -- Ben Stuckart --

Spokane City Council, Dist. 2 Position 1
Richard Rush -- Mike Allen --

General Election is November 8th. Please VOTE!

Free Dump Passes -- available for Cliff Cannon Neighborhood only
Free Catnip -- available to all.

Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Roosevelt School (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)

Neighborhood Tree of the Year Award

Children Friendly

Stroll and Vote!

Meet at Roosevelt School.  We'll walk to see each of the nominated trees.
Everyone will have a ballot and at the end of the walk will vote for their
favorite tree. The winner will receive a street tree of their choice to be planted
on a public right-of-way in our neighborhood by the City Arborist.

This helps restore our local Urban Forest and build the world-wide Susie Forest.
We'll have a ceremony later this Fall to plant the winner's tree.

**Fall Dump Pass -- DISTRIBUTION** Free up to $25 !!
Bus Routes -- changes
Bus Shelter -- near Rosauer's
Bump Outs -- 9th and Walnut
Community Assembly

Snack & Stroll, June 9th 6 pm, Polly Judd Park

Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council
Roosevelt School (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)
Thursday, April 14, 2011,  7 - 8:30 pm

Meet, Greet and Share a Treat with your neighbors from 6:45 - 7 pm.

                  A local perspective

Guest Speakers --

Judge Mary Logan and Judge Tracy Staab will discuss the innovative changes they've made at Spokane's Municipal Court that address these questions.


Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council

Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011,  7 - 8:30 pm
Roosevelt School (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)
Meet, Greet and Share a Treat with your neighbors from 6:45 - 7 pm.


Ozzie Knezovich,, Spokane County Sheriff will speak on the new
 jail/corrections facilities and the upcoming public vote.

A representative from "No New Jail" (Google it) will speak on reasons for not
accepting the new facilities as proposed.

Join us to get informed on the particulars of this important issue and get
your questions answered before the vote scheduled for later this Spring.

Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 13th, 2011  7 - 8:30pm
Roosevelt Elementary School (SE corner of 14th and Bernard)


14th Ave. Design Project -- As their class project, WSU Landscape Architecture/Urban Design students designed
plans to make 14th Ave. a "complete" street.  Making this arterial safer and more attractive for all users (vehicle
and non vehicle) is one of the planning priorities set by the neighborhood. Join us as the students present their
finished project to our neighborhood. It will knock your socks off!

Sustainable Works -- is a non-profit organization offering energy audits and wrap around customer service for
installation of energy saving products and equipment.  Their process combines an energy audit and retrofit with
utility incentives, federal energy efficiency funding and loan financing.  They can negotiate the best prices for
material and labor by combining your project with others in your neighborhood.

Meet and Greet and share some treats with your neighbors from 6:45 - 7 pm before the meeting.


Thursday November 11, 2010 at

 The GFWC Woman's Club of Spokane
1428 W 9th Ave.
Spokane, Washington

From 6:45 to 7:00 we meet and greet and the meeting will start at 7 PM

Our last meetings:

November 2010:

Susan Traver – This Spokane Preservation Advocate speaks of our urban trees
Corrreen Morrill – Speaks of the Woman's Club of Spokane. She reviews history and availability of the club for your event.

Dump Pass update – Traffic Calming Projects – CCNC Facebook – Walk ability Audit - Favorite Tree Walk

Snack and Stroll

We  met Thursday June 10th at 6 PM at the Polly Judd Park and on a walking tour of neighborhood gardens.

Here's what we did May 13, 2007:

Thursday, May 13, 2010,  7 - 8:30 pm
Roosevelt School  (SE corner of 14th & Bernard)

Our Urban Canopy
Guest Speakers:
Angel Spell -- Spokane City Urban Forester
Jeff Perry -- Spokane City Arborist

Preserving, maintaining and expanding our urban canopy is one of the seven top priorities of our neighborhood.
Join us for a presentation and discussion on the history, current health, problems/issues and future outlook
of the canopy.

Other Business/Updates:
June Snack & Stroll
Spring Neighborhood Clean Up
Favorite Neighborhood Tree Program
Donations for our Neighborhood Tree
Walkability/Bikeability Audits

3rd Annual Neighborhood Tree Planting --
We voted and it's official!  At our meeting, we'll plant a Sweetgum tree on 15th Ave., next to Roosevelt School
(a Thank You to the school for allowing us to use their facilities for our neighborhood meetings!).

Here's what we did March 11, 2010:

Guest Speakers:

Brian Estes, Coordinator Vinegar Flats Community Gardens -- from small plots to larger acreage, Brian will give us detailed pointers on how to organize, maintain and enjoy community gardens.  (Are people interested in receiving information during Summer/Fall on produce growing in Cliff Cannon gardens available to share or trade?

Juliet Sinisterra, Sun People Dry Goods -- will present her exciting idea for a store which she hopes to open in our neighborhood.

Rosemarie Duffy, Ex. Com. Member & Gardener -- will discuss native plants that are appropriate for Spokane gardens and will have a list for distribution.

Updates: Favorite Neighborhood Tree nominations, CCNC Website, Traffic Safety Week, Complete Streets.

Here's what we did February 11, 2010:

The Complete Streets Program

Guest Speaker:  Kitty Klitze

Streets play an important role in the livability of a community where All People (Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists) Feel safe and welcome on the roadways. Kitty will discuss how communities are ensuring that planers and engineers design and operate roadways with all users in mind. Follow-up discussion on Cliff/Cannon street issues.

Mark Fenton is a lead advocate in this area and was brought to Spokane by the YMCA September 29, 2010. Some of his thoughts may be found here:

Other Business/Updates:

Spring Clean-up
Favorite Neighborhood Tree Program

Here's a summary of our January meeting and a few current volunteer opportunities.

Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council
Thursday, January 14, 2010  7 - 8:30 pm
Roosevelt School (SE Corner of 14th & Bernard)

                                                 Happy 2010!

                                                                           Guest Speaker:
Grant Wencel -- (rescheduled from Nov.)  Spokane's new Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator will talk about his new job and how it relates to the trails plan developed a few years ago by WSU students for our neighborhood.  Now is the time to give him input on your vision for our neighborhood and to get your questions answered!

Other Business/Updates:
Vote on proposed changes in CCNC By-Laws
Status update on 3rd Annual Tree Planting
Spring Clean-Up
Community Assembly Report

Meet and Greet and share some treats with your neighbors from 6:45 pm - 7 pm before the meeting.

1. Adult Mentors Needed... to help Lewis & Clark High School
students with class work or job training.  LC Principal, Shawn Jordan discussed the need to create parent/school/ community partnerships to support success for all students at our May meeting.
An organizational meeting was held July 7th at Plymouth Congregational Church.  Mentors are needed for the new school year.   If interested, contact Judy @ 747-5252 or

 2.  The following Neighborhood committees are active and looking for additional members:
-Neighborhood Clean Up - coordinates with the City on our Spring/Fall cleanups
-Events Committee - organizes and coordinates our June Snack & Stroll, Annual Spring Pioneer Park Clean Up, Traffic Safety Week
-Urban Forestry Committee - advocates for neighborhood trees and raises funds for new trees.

3.  Are you on our monthly postcard mailing and email list?

4.  Current Topics of Concern to our neighborhood - 10 minutes will be set aside at each meeting for this.  Would you like to submit a topic?  Call (who will volunteer?)

5.  Neighborhood Planning Priorities:  A 16 member stake holder team has been gathering data for a year and a half on issues/solutions important to the quality of life of our neighborhood.  The following priorities emerged from surveys and brainstorming sessions:

1. Trees - all aspects: preserving, maintaining, planting, accommodating them with sidewalks and utility lines
2. Traffic Calming - for pedestrians, cyclists, noise and pollution control, especially on Grand Bl., Cedar/Walnut Sts., and 14th Ave.
3. General Physical Condition - maintenance and repair of broken sidewalks, pot holes, unpaved alleys, trash, litter, and graffiti
4. Retain the 14th & Lincoln Rosauers Market
5. Safe Pedestrian Trails/Routes that connect important parts of the neighborhood and the cliff with downtown.  Improving the Tiger Trail
6. More and safer bicycle lanes that connect important parts of the neighborhood and to downtown
7. Connect Historic Cannon’s Addition with the rest of the neighborhood via a community center, mini-bus/van service E. to W. along 14th from the Bluff to Grand Bl., bike lanes and pedestrian amenities

Thanks Neighbor,

The Cliff/Cannon Neighborhood Committee

Paula, Sally, Judy, Patricia, Nancy, Tom and Steve