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Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Council
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Introduction and Invitation

Bylaws with Boundaries

Neighborhood Plan



Susie Forest

The Woman's Club

Cliff Cannon Photo Sideshow
Cliff Cannon Neighborhood Public Pictures. Are you a Cliff Cannon Comrade? We want your pictures.

Anthony Cannon History

Polly Judd Resource Recovery & Permaculture Project

Classes - Comments - Links - Projects

Community Health

The Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Area
is within the Cliff Cannon Neighborhood. It is a federal progarm to develop impoveraged areas. The site is a bit dated but will give you an idea of what can be done within the confines of the area.

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 The symbol above is from the 1974 worlds fair held in Spokane.
Much of Polly Judd Park rests on material from the fair site.